Excitement in the recruitment process


“Time Kills Deals”

The recruitment process can often be a long one. Candidates can go through a 3 to 4 round interview process before (if successful) receiving an offer. Due diligence is an integral part of the process in order to make sure that the candidate you eventually hire, is the right fit for your business and will be there for the long run.

We’ve all heard the age-old adage that “time kills deals” and unfortunately for both candidate and client, it rings true far too often.

“Keep the good news flowing”

No matter the length of your recruitment process, good news is essential to keeping candidates engaged and excited. Positive feedback after an interview will immediately peak the candidate’s interest in the position Much like the “mundane” parts of the process like testing, medicals and reference checks will see a sharp drop in their interest.

Whilst going through the necessary steps of the recruitment process, it is important to keep the candidate’s thoughts in mind. Waiting for testing results or reference feedback can create a nervous time for candidates of all experience levels – both of which are normally followed immediately after each other. Something simple like a “verbal offer pending references” will make sure that the candidate stays engaged.

Keeping the good news flowing will make sure that your candidate is engaged throughout the entire process and will block any advances if approached by your competitors. By letting that excitement drop, allows an opening your competition could capitalise on.

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